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Jan Middelkamp was elected onto the EuropeActive Board of Directors at the Annual General Assembly in Brussels on 24 May 2012 and re-elected at the Annual General Assembly in Cologne on 8 April 2015.

EuropeActive: “Why is it important to have a trade body for the European fitness industry and what do you feel are the priorities for EHFA over the next three years?”

Jan Middelkamp: “I strongly believe that physical activity and exercise, combined with healthy nutrition, are important activities for human beings! It is not only a medicine, and keeps us healthy, it also gives huge pleasure and fun if it is guided and coached well! The fitness industry is crucial in helping human beings to exercise in a responsible and fun way. To inspire, help and coordinate members and non-members, the fitness industry needs a strong and local association that facilitates fitness clubs, fitness professionals and consumers. In general, EuropeActive should be a hands on organization that helps to achieve clear goals towards fitness clubs, fitness professionals and consumers. For this, strong relationships with local and European governments, but also Universities and other stakeholders, are essential. Top priorities are: 

  • We need a strong focus on consumers: so promote health behaviour in general and more specific exercise in fitness clubs.
  • We need much more scientific research to build trust to consumers, governments and many others.
  • We need to build a strong European community between fitness clubs, fitness professionals and governments.
  • We need to develop European standard for fitness quality and quality control systems.

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